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#13: The One Where We Suggest Some Stuff You Can Watch In Lockdown Part 1… Probably.


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Looking for some lockdown TV & film recommendations? Well you’ve come to the right place… well you might have. It probably depends largely on whether you like what we usually recommend or not. But, let’s not get pedantic. 

Join us in this slightly delayed (and luckily rescued from the pits of remote recording hell – see our recent twitter posts) episode, as we chat all things news related in the world of TV & film from the past couple of weeks. 

Plus we finally resurrect long lost segment “What We’ve Been Watching” to offer up some recommendations on what you can rot your brain on. You know, whilst we all wait for the world to return to some form of normality… if that ever was such a thing.

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We will be back very soon with what we feel is an important episode of BRoPS. But until then, look after yourselves, one another and stay safe! Oh and… keep, keeping it reel!

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