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#16: Batfleck Returns (RIP Thor)…


We’ve had some time off (more on that at the start of the episode), but now we are back!

No apologies for our reasons for leaving you for so long, however I will apologise right now for the beating our poor mics got during the recording of this episode (you and your ears have been warned).

Join myself (Jordan; The Film Fella) and Hi Honey (Jon Wal, Big Jon) as we travel through the last couple of weeks of film & TV news including: Sonic 2, Keanu Reeves updates & Ben Afflecks return to the bat-cowl…

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Stay tuned for the return of Be Reyt Or Proper Sh*te Reviews as we take on Christopher Nolan’s Tenet soon… But until then, look after yourselves, one another and stay safe! Oh and… keep, keeping it reel!

RIP little buddy, we'll miss you x

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