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#18 (Part 2): Summoning Leprechauns…


As mentioned in Part 1, last week we talked so much that we’ve gone and split the episode into 2 parts!  
If you’re here it either means you have listened to part 1 and are slightly intrigued to see what part 2 has to offer OR you’re simply an agent of chaos, who listens to things in any old order, because, why not? Part 2 covers the past few weeks regular old movie & TV news such as: Borat: Subsequent Movie film, John Wick, The Mandalorian season 2, Furiosa, Dexter, Amazon’s Lord of The Rings series & much, much more! 
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Stay tuned for future episodes and our eventual Be Reyt or Proper Sh*te Reviews episode on Unhinged and Bill & Ted: Face The Music. But until then, look after yourselves, one another and stay safe! Oh and… keep, keeping it reel!

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