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Aunty Donna’s Big Ol’ House Of Fun (Season 1) Netflix Review – Reelviews

Sometimes things just come around at the right time. I don’t think I can say this enough about Aunty Donnas Big Ol House Of Fun over on Netflix.

If like myself you’ve been yearning for the return of The Mighty Boosh to your telly boxes over the past 13 years, then this may just be the closest you’ll get to filling that bonkers, absurdist, sketch comedy shaped hole in your heart.

The trio consists of Mark, Broden and Zachary, hailing from Melbourne Australia and making quite the stir on the world comedy circuit, as well as a certain internet video platform I forget the name of…

Anyway, you know things have gone pretty well when Ed, sorry. Egg Helms becomes an executive producer of your big ol’ Netflix debut. If I’m being truly honest, I hadn’t heard of the bois over at Aunty Donna until one of my favourite Podcast, come YouTubers had them on a recent episode. Coincidentally they too also hail from Melbourne. Must be something in the water over there, hmmm…

Anyway, I digress (just like all the best absurdist comedies!). Aunty Donnas Big Ol’ House of Fun is the perfect big ol’ spoon of medicine for the current climate we are in. In a world full of doom and gloom, surrounded by worry, anxiety and depression it is nice to just get away from it all.

Each episode the gang take you on a meandering world of crazy that somehow navigates a theme, well at least most of the time anyway (poor old Egg Helms learns the hard way in episode 2).

Firm sketch favourites for me included the aforementioned 4th wall break in episode 2, the stab at modern barbers (I’m pretty sure my own would find this hilarious too), the ‘Lympics “drug test”, the guys finding a new housemate/dishwasher, clairvoyant Blair Buoyant (trust me) and series opener “Everything’s a drum” (seriously try stop yourself from singing along. You can’t).

Watched on: Netflix UK

Rating: I can’t recommend this show enough. This comedy style might not be for everyone, but not giving it a chance is criminal in my opinion. It is the perfect antidote to the lockdown blues some may be feeling, and I was pretty devastated when I got to the end of its 6 episode first season. Simply put, I NEEDED more! Luckily you can jump on YouTube to get your fix, especially if like me you’ve only just discovered them, which also gives some nice payoffs and context around some of the jokes and characters that appear in the series. Now to start the petition for a season 2!

Dear Egg Helms…


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