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Since we can’t head to the cinema anytime soon, I decided to shake things up for the Be Reyt or Proper Sh*te series.  That’s right, we’re going footy crazy to celebrate one of the other loves of my life… Leeds United.

Leeds United are finally back in the Premier League after 16 long (and incredibly painful) years away, and are taking on Arsenal at Elland Road this weekend (22/11/2020). So what better way to shoehorn some relevant content in, than to review The Damned United (hopefully not an omen) and erm another football themed movie like, erm, hmmm… Goal! The Dream Begins (definitely not Living The Dream).

Joining me for our “Soccer Special” is friend of the channel, Arsen… I mean Leeds fan (maybe?), the UKs best and beardiest, top competitive food eater: Beard Meats Food!

YouTube Review Timecodes: 

0:04:31 – Goal! The Dream Begins Review 

0:30:24 – The Damned United Review

Podcast Review Timecodes: 

0:07:24 – Goal! The Dream Begins Review 

0:32:43 – The Damned United Review

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