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This one had promise. Ed Helms, check! Owen Woooowilson, check! An interesting premise of two funny guys looking for their father, check! A multitude of top talent to make the adventure warm and most importantly… funny, check!

What you unfortunately end up with is a film that has some of the slowest pacing I think I’ve seen for a movie of this type. It’s incredibly boring in troughs, only nudged along by the slight peaks of hilarity created by the fairly obvious twists of who these “father figures” really are. J.K. Simmons is one of the very few that shines in this and unfortunately he’s barely in it.

Watched on: Netflix UK

Rating: Whack it on if you’re really struggling for something to watch (as we were), but honestly this isn’t very good. It’s unfortunate especially considering the plot, the people involved and talent on display, but it’s just really lacking. The film tries to create a warm, feel good, wholesome concept out of the whole thing, but for me it fell short with the pacing and delivery of its comedy.


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